What happened to my Democratic Party?

My family started when Great-Grandfather immigrated to Southern Iowa around 1850 from Ireland via Canada. History is scarce until my grandfather and a family of Democrats grew. He had four boys and two girls and my father married a lady who had nine sisters and one brother.


My birthday was 2 days from the inauguration of F.D.R. and when I think about World War II and the amazing building of the Greatest Military and Air Force ever in the world but this was done by a few business men who had a little money left from the depression. Every body was "one" in the building and defense of our country.  We as a Democrat-Republican country worked together to become the greatest  country in the world. We manufactured everything possible. That is all gone now.  

Why and how? One of the first things I encountered after serving time in the Navy was OSHA, a department of people who may or may not ever have had a physical job, making rules and regulations for industries and businesses causing excess costs to manufacture and then it was cheaper to go to foreign countries who had no rules.

The most damaging department was the E.P.A. Working most of my life for a major oil co. and as an operator and maintenance person, I helped install millions of dollars of safety and other equipment, some good and some pipe dream projects which did nothing but extremely increase the cost of doing business.

It appears today that the Democratic Party wants to be the One World Party. Not me as there is no way we can feed the world  on borrowed money. They have lost their Patriotism to our country by giving all kinds of bribe money to our enemies to get their cooperation. It doesn't work that way. A Republican had those same thoughts, Nixon, but it didn't go too far. The Democratic Party seems to be Dumpster diving to find any and all kinds of dirt about their opposing candidates. 

I have never been able to vote party lines; I choose the man or lady who appears to have my thoughts in mind and still have to pick and choose about what might be the truth or fiction, but please people, we need more people voting their minds.


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