A million-dollar track?

Every day when I enter any business to make a purchase, I can almost count on it costing more than  the last purchase.

My memory is failing me badly, but I thought there was comment about a running track needing some repairs a few months ago. The school administration is so used to running to the state government asking for more funds and there seems to be absolutely no requirement of them to justify their requests. It is getting ridiculous. In my wildest dreams, I can see a track of this cost being sprayed with gold dust. This country is bankrupt and the state will be in not too many years. I know what a depression is and the next one will not be pretty. The waste in this state is terrible.  Take a little drive past the schools and all the mini parks and playgrounds around Kenai and Soldotna and, like my wife and I found, it was rare to see any children playing on these many playgrounds.

About 300 yards behind the apartment we have lived in for over four years is a high school track and the number of days I have seen it used is unbelievable to even think of spending $1,000,000 dollars to build one. Not much farther from our apartment is a middle school which has a beautiful huge green grass area around it but winter or summer we never see any children playing and running on this area.  Is there any question about "obese" children? In the 30s and 40s when my wife and I went to school, we might have had 1 percent of obese students because every recess and lunch period, we were out playing and running.


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