Hershey track meet a success thanks to support

The annual Hershey Track & Field Meet sponsored by North Peninsula Recreation was once again a success. On May 18, approximately 250 participants from local area schools came to compete in both running and field events at the Nikiski High School Track. Thankfully this year we were blessed with clear sunny skies for the duration of the track meet. We had a stadium of happy participants and fans, and were graced with an abundance of helpful volunteers.

The success of this program can be attributed to all these generous volunteers and staff who contributed their time and energy. Thank you to Steve Sturman, Jay Griffel, Mark Berdahl, Michele Carver, Jackie Cason, Pam Burnes, Ryan Holper, Richard Kelso, Rena Kornstad, Sheila Kupferschmid, Paul Kupferschmid, Kelly  Brewer, Michael Hollinger, Ramona Malston, Dana Johnstone, Deni Pennison, Ann Holloway, Corey Magee, Ginne Hall, Candice Hightower, Josh Hightower, Bobby Hightower, Steve Robinson, Jim Coburn, Adam Anders, Dylan Hooper, Angie Parrish, Wesley Smith, Jeffery Narlock, Haley TumSuden, Molly Cason, Kinsey Martin, and Savannah Griffel.

Special thanks must also be attributed to Lisa Callahan and Richard Kelso of Nikiski North Star Elementary for letting us run field events during PE classes. Thanks to all of the teachers and administration that worked with and encouraged their students. We appreciate your support!


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