Supreme court forces politicians to be honest

Chief Justice Roberts may have made the best decision in calling the health care law what it actually is, the single largest tax ever implemented in the history of our nation. It was interesting to see the politicos and pundits, not get the meaning of his ruling, they are generally pleased with themselves and celebratory over having pushed through "The Affordable Healthcare Act" only to have the "enemy" agree with them that they can have the health care act but only because they have the authority to tax, they can not mandate that we participate without the teeth required to enforce it. Generally a part of the public that has been parasitic on our society will continue to be just as spoiled as always and now we have a Tax Law that allows everyone of us to continue to support them in a fashion they have become accustomed. This is only the first installment on the simplification of health care as we know it. Next will be the algorithmic approach to healthcare, the removal of compassion and empathy of the provider and the inevitable loss of the "Art of Medicine." Patients will be treated as a particular entities/ailments rather then as a human being, the treatment will be the same in Alaska as in Florida and the inevitable will still be the same as it was in 1899 -- everyone will die and the cause of death will be heart failure. Fortunately the real heart of the matter will be with those of us who vote and think. This is the time for everyone to read the writing on the outhouse wall, and to be blunt, this is like the business done there -- "it ain't over till the paperwork is done." Full implementation is in 2014. At least think about it.


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