With taking credit comes responsibility

As I stood listening to the speakers at the recent groundbreaking ceremony for our new Central Peninsula Hospital Radiation Oncology Center, I got to thinking. The politicians and hospital corporate board members kept slapping themselves on the back for a job well done. They were able to secure an additional $2 million from state government, to bring the building start to fruition. The Hospital Corporate Board did change their behavior to accomplish this endeavor. They decided to work with an independent physician, instead of threatening him, as they did the independent surgeons. The corporate board should take credit. But, with taking credit comes responsibility.

Under the hospital corporate board, there have been unfair and illegal firings, unfair labor practices, discrimination (not just my opinion but the National Labor Relations Board), threats to independent surgeons and a murder/suicide.

I suppose the hospital corporate board could change again. They could treat employees fairly by implementing the anti-bullying policy developed in December 2009. 

Instead, as I understand it, a new policy has been implemented, HR-320, again threatening employees and protecting management’s bullying style. 

The policy gives employees permission to “maintain personal websites or web logs during non-working time using their own facilities. Employees may engage in social media activity during non-working time ...” I just love when benevolent dictators allow people freedoms, that others throughout the nation, have inherently. 

The policy goes on to say how the hospital corporation now supports the law of “protected concerted activities.” The corporate board did learn but their behavior does not change.

An employee can be immediately terminated, for using hospital defined “harassment” towards a manager. What about bullying harassment from a manager toward a lonely employee? Acceptable business practice at Central Peninsula Hospital. 

I am always amazed on the excellent care given to patients at CPH, regardless of the accepted management style of bullying. I just wonder what are the health care costs to employees, the cost for attorney fees and cost of penalties protecting such management activities?



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