Time for a change in the state Senate

Peggy Mullins recently attacked Mayor Peter Micciche in a letter to the editor. Peggy and I have served together on the City Council with Mayor Micciche. I consider Peggy a friend but couldn’t disagree more with her assessment of Peter and most of the claims made in her letter. 

During my 3 years on the Council, I have found Mayor Micciche to be a man of character and principle. He participates in every possible community event — including local school activities, Chamber of Commerce Meetings, and Eagle Scout Courts of Honor. He has shown the ability organize people, spearhead projects, and get results. Peter Micciche showed me true leadership, when after he was outvoted on the Soldotna Cemetery location, he accepted the will of the Council (and the voters who elected them) and led the effort to get the cemetery done and done right. 

Senator Wagoner on the other hand, has a rather undistinguished record. Partially, this is because he and 4 other Senators were ostracized by the other Republicans. Until last year, he was excluded from being in the Senate Coalition or maintaining meaningful committee positions. This year, by most accounts, he has been a non-performer in the positions he has held. When I was running against Tom in the last election, I asked Rep. Lindsay Holmes, “Since Tom has no responsibilities in Juneau what does he do?” Her innocent and immediate response was, “Oh, he sits in the lounge and plays cribbage all day.”

Tom has taken credit for funding of lots of Peninsula projects which may or may not be true. When Lyda Green (R) was Senate President she went to our Representatives and asked them to put some money in for the Peninsula because Tom wasn’t going to get them anything. In my conversation with her, she did not have any positive memories of Tom as a legislator.

I like Tom as a person, I just don’t think he has been an effective Senator. Eight years of underwhelming performance is enough. I have nothing but praise for Peter Micciche and suggest he is the better choice for the Peninsula.


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