Micciche will move Alaska forward

I am supporting Peter Micciche for Senate in the August 28 primary election. Peter has a long track record of success in our community. His tireless energy, vision and knowledge are characteristics that will help him continue to achieve success and which make him the best candidate to move the State of Alaska forward.


I have greatly appreciated Mayor Micciche’s leadership. The Mayor has set the direction and has envisioned Soldotna’s potential. His goal is to provide excellent essential services while carefully managing the cost of government.  In the time he has been Mayor, the City has progressed positively through the welcomed participation of the community. Three of the many accomplishments that would not have happened without the Mayor’s leadership include:

* The budget has been reduced from what it was four years ago and the property tax rate has been cut by two-thirds.  This rare accomplishment required innovative approaches to dealing with increasing costs and a reduction in sales tax revenue due to local competition. The State of Alaska needs conservative management of its finances and Mayor Micciche has the record that proves he always remains focused on costs for his constituents.

* After decades of contentious wrangling, the City finally has a resting place for its residents. The Mayor chose committee members from each side of the issue and led every meeting resulting in the completion of the respectful facility. Peter is perhaps at his best when working on controversial issues and is able to bring people with very diverse points of view together toward a solution. This rare skill will be especially useful in the Senate.

* The Soldotna Community Playground sets the bar for community involvement. The Mayor recognized the potential and put his efforts to seeing it accomplished. He worked with the dedicated group of volunteers that spearheaded this proposal, generating support both within the City and from private donors. Soldotna now has a world class playground constructed at very little cost to the city. 

The State of Alaska must move forward to succeed and of the many issues facing us, oil and gas is near the top. Peter’s expertise with natural gas and LNG will bring a healthy perspective as an advocate for the State. He knows what it takes to encourage development and recognizes a fair deal for his constituents. Some may allege he will give away the farm to his industry, but I can to attest to his integrity and conservatism. We need his expertise and I trust that he will use it for the betterment of Alaska.

For these reasons and more, I am supporting Peter Micciche for Senate on August 28. He has demonstrated that he is a fiscally and socially conservative leader that has a vision for a prosperous Alaska. He has the energy to work hard on issues to get things accomplished, the skills to work across the aisle for common ground and the knowledge critical to getting Alaska moving forward once again.


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