Don’t let opportunity pass us by

Russian Gas! While we have been sitting here watching our politicians spin our wheels a big one might have gotten away! Seems like just a few months ago the Japanese Trade Ambassador walked up to Lisa Murkowski and said staight up “We want your North Slope gas!” Now I see a $13.5 billion gas loading facility is scheduled for building in the Russian Far East. It seems the Japanese government is sincere about moving away from nuclear generation and replacing it with gas driven turbines. This market could last for hundreds of years and my leaders aren’t jumping with both feet! When the man says jump I don’t expect to see instant air but I do expect to see somebody squat and look for a direction like they are ready! 

If we can’t agree on how to start a pipeline why don’t we start looking at other ideas! Would someone just concider putting huge gas liqification plants on big ships and parking them at Prudhoe Bay and start liqifying our gas? Then we could just ship from right there using a new fleet of icebreaking tankers!  

I understand that anything we can do to reduce the gas volume at Prudhoe will increase the oil flow down TAPS and we get double benefit. But anyone can see the Japanese change over is not something they want to delay while our leaders figure out just what we can do! So do something. Don’t worry who will get the credit or the blame just do the peoples business or get out of the way and let someone who can do it!


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