Positive change for central peninsula

Kenai Peninsula Residents, have you noticed the new bicycle symbols on Bridge Access (Warren Ames Bridge). Credit and thanks for the bike symbols (and soon to be placed “Bike Lane” signage) goes to the following: Senator Tom Wagoner, Mayors: Mike Navarre (Borough), and Pat Porter, (Kenai), DOT Superintendant Carl High, DOT Brian Gabriel, Kenai City Manager Rich Koch, Senator Wagoner’s staff, Amy Seitz, Parks and Rec., Bob Frates, Central Peninsula Change Club, Barb Norbeck, Tami Marsters, Amber Huhndorf, and Deb Nyquist, People Promoting Wellness, Regina Theisen and cyclist/high school student Jordan Theisen. The Central Peninsula Change Club is a part of a national organization that is striving to encourage increased exercise and improved nutrition in communities.

CPCC members asked Senator Wagoner for a meeting to discuss the following safety/access issues: a) paint/signage on Warren Ames/Bridge Access Road to alert motorist that they share the road with pedestrians/cyclists; b) decrease the speed limit on Bridge Access to 45 mph during summer high traffic use; c) paint crosswalks on the Unity Trail where the trail intersects with commercial business and school access points; and d) a permanent solution linking the Unity Trail between city of Kenai and Kalifornsky Beach Road. Results of the meeting were most gratifying. All attendees agreed safety was the biggest concern. Discussion resulted in agreements as follows: 1) a temporary fix as stated in item “a”; 2) it was determined item “c” was a state responsibility and DOT would work with the City of Kenai to look into marking commercial and trail intersections; 30 Items b and d need further discussion.

If you are a pedestrian or cyclist that uses Bridge Access, please thank those members who made this temporary fix possible. And if you agree a permanent safety solution is essential please contact Senator Tom Wagoner, Wagoner@legis.state.ak.us.; Mayors Navarre, mnavarre@borough.kenai.ak.us, Porter, kenaimayor10@msn.com, and Soldotna Mayor Peter Micciche, mayor@ci.soldotna.ak.us. Let them know of your interest/concerns.

Thanks also to Jennifer Neyman for her interest and informative article in the Redoubt Reporter reviewing the history of the Bridge. If you are interested in the CPCC or want to know more about us, please contact any of the following members: Denise Harro, Deb Nyquist, Barb Norbeck, Tami Marsters, Amber Huhndorf, Mary Olsen, or Linda Tannehill. Thanks again to everyone involved in this project.


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