Patient celebrates anniversary of heroic ER staff effort

The Emergency Room Staff at Central Peninsula Hospital knew the odds were stacked heavily against my wife Karen on September 7, 2011when our son and I drove into the ER entrance with my wife Karen in a full ventricular cardiac arrest. The first five minutes in a cardiac arrest are absolutely critical. The Emergency Room team knew right away that we were in our car and only 2 minutes from the hospital when my wife was stricken. They did not give up their resuscitation efforts.

Karen is celebrating the first anniversary of her having beaten those huge odds against her. This is due to the magnificent, heroic effort of the ER staff in the treatment room that day. We are also in deep gratitude to the Life Med Helicopter team who transported Karen to Providence Hospital in Anchorage and to the Cardiac Critical Care Unit at Providence. Karen survived with no permanent heart or brain damage.

We recently had a celebration lunch at the hospital with the ER staff who served in the treatment bay that day. In our discussions that day we all remembered that during the resuscitation effort, the physician in charge reported difficulty in obtaining a stable heart beat but had quickly added that they were not giving up. During resuscitation, the team had all felt that if they ever had a chance to resuscitate a patient with an “out of hospital cardiac arrest,” this was that time.

We are convinced that God was watching over all of us that day. We give Him all the credit and praise.


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