Reader: Varied impressions of movie appreciated

Thank you for presenting both perceptions for and opposed to the value of the recent movie entitled “Obama’s America, 2016.” Ever since Barack Obama entered my political awareness several years back, I have been intrigued with who he is, what he stands for as an American, and what he is doing as our President. So much as to buy and read a lot of descriptive books such as Bob Woodward’s book “Obama’s Wars”, “Kill or Capture” by Daniel Klaidman, “The Hate Obama Machine” by Bill Press, “The Amateur” by Edward Klein, a couple of Obama’s early books and “Obama’s Rage” by Dinesh D’Souza, the author of Obama’s America 2016, recently at the Kambe Theater.

In a minimal attempt to overcome my biases and to keep a semi-open mind I paid Marge’s and my admissions to see the movie. After seeing the movie “Americans need to wake up before election day” appeared in the Clarion (Sept. 20) by Orson Swindler III and I eagerly read about him, his perceptions, and his recommendation of the movie. To make a long story shorter Marge’s and my experiences were respectful of his service and experience and our perceptions and interpretations of the movie were totally different. Thus it was very enlightening to read the critique of the movie by Chris Jenness in the same Clarion. If you haven’t read the critique by Chris, I recommend you do read it before you pay good money to see the movie.


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