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The great trader

Posted: September 28, 2012 - 8:57am

Trade keeps the world moving, all those ships, boats, trains and airplanes weave a facinating web that somehow connects our lives with the products we need to make it better. The art of the deal is sometimes lost in the shuffle but you can bet that behind the scene there is someone adding the art of the trade to seal the deal. That is what has me so concerned about our up coming election, seems someone is willing to trade everything my generation has worked for, for a vote! Just go ahead and recognize it for what it is, straight up bribery on a scale not imagined!

Everybody’s everything kind of reminds me of that old Santana album cover. The giving away of America on a scale that will exhaust our personal and national wealth at a pace that is unsustainable. Better get that vote is the song of the day! To give this promised land to everyone that comes along with a new vote in their hand reduces the value of what will be there for those that have earned it. I guess there must be a lot at stake!

Just who will pay for it in the long term is the problem. Giving so much away to those that have not paid in a dime will soon leave Generation X holding the Bag! And like it or not those are the votes that will determine how this next one goes.

Generation X could be sealing the deal for their future, will the government have enough funding to sustain this massive give away or will it just reduce what is given to support those that contributed nothing! Heck we can just borrow more money from China, yes another bail out, that will work! Sadly enough the only pipeline this president is not stopping, is the one carrying our money to China.

So as my old buddy so soundly said, “Save your money Boy there’s a hard times coming.”

So listen and watch closely as the next few weeks of campaigning unroll two very different paths for Amarica and be very careful with your vote. There is someone out there willing to trade everything for that vote!

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gfds98765 10/09/12 - 10:36 am
If the U.S doesn't get some

If the U.S doesn't get some factories going again, & make something to TRADE theres trouble coming, cause this overgrown entitlement system is simply unsustainable. The CBO released a report stating that the Social Security will exhaust its funds by 2034. The Social Security trustees give it even less time than the CBO, calling it a year earlier in 2033. Meanwhile, Medicare may be broke as soon as 2016.

DemonCrats the party of welfare weasels, entitlement mobs & thugs.

They rob you to live off your paycheck, then call you a filthy degenerate capitalist pig.

gfds98765 10/10/12 - 11:28 am
the auto bailout rathole?

Free Trade, Free Market Capitalism is the path to prosperity.

Government Motors vs Ford is a good example
why did we throw $82 billion down the auto bailout rat hole?
BAD business go bankrupt, or they cease to exist.

American Automobile businesses that are EXTINCT:

American Motors (AMC) (1966–1987)
Apollo (1962–1964)
Aptera Motors (2005-2011)
Autoette (1948–1970)
Bricklin (1974–1976)
Checker (1922–1982)
Citicar (1974–1976)
Corbin (1999–2003)
Dale (1974)
DeLorean (1981–1982)
DeSoto (1928–1961)
Dovell (circa 1980s)
Eagle (1988–1998)
Edsel (1958–1960)
Electricar (1950–1966)
Eshelman (1953–1961)
Fiberfab (circa 1960s)
Frazen (1951–1962)
Gaslight (1960-circa 1961)
Geo (1989–1997)
Henney (1960–1964)
Hummer (1992–2010)
Imperial (1955–1975, 1981–1983)
International Harvester (1907–1975)
King Midget (1947–1970)
Mercury (1939–2010)
Nu-Klea (1959–1960)
Oldsmobile (1897–2004)
Plymouth (1928–2001)
Pontiac (1926–2010)
Powell (1930s-1960s)
Rambler (1958–1969)
REO (or Reo) (1905–1975)
Saab (1937–2012)
Saturn (1985–2010)
Studebaker (1902–1967)
Stutz (1968–1987)
Stutz (1968–1987)
Vector (1971–1999, 2006-2010)
White (1902–1981)
Willys (1916–1918, 1930–1942, 1953–1963)

**Cause the all-powerful union owned democratic party ordered it.**

BigRedDog 10/12/12 - 06:38 am
Trading your property for Health Care

Wake up America; I wonder whose briliant idea it was to attach my property value to Obama care!! If you are unaware it seems somebody thinks it's cool to put a National Sales Tax on all real Property sales and transactions, it's only 3.8% and it won't be applied until 2013 just a little after the election. If this doesn't cause you to boil over and vote whoever thinks this crap up out of office you are out of line! How this one small part of Obamacare has escaped public NOTICE is beyond me, but just think of how big a chunk of change this one is!
I don't think our Borrough Assbl. would even have the brass to suggest that big a bite into the profit from sales of every piece of property without MAJOR public outcry. 3.8 % of the wealth of this Nation pilfered, stolen right from under every retiing person who downsizes, every developer who sells his homestead. It will cost 3.8% just to sell that old trailer house down at the corner. To hide this cost until after the election, just like the increase of Medicare; shows me a patern. Like I'm being hood winked into paying somebody's way for them, but it won't cost me anything right NOW! This is a clear example of what to expect if we continue down this Road to Change. It is becoming clear that our elected officials are eager to overstep taxation boundries that have property issues at the State and Local levels for revenue's to support local needs. To just take 3.8% of my wealth to give to pay for somebody else's health care is robbery.
To hide this or postpone it seems deceptive to me, I wonder what esle BHO is willing to decieve us about? To hide this in a 2200 page document and force a midnight vote on something nobody had even read is not right! A party line vote is all that was needed to give BHO the change he wants bye rook or bye crook he seems to be having his way. This is voter abuse, not to mention theft on a national level.
Now we can see just how valuable the Senate seat stolen from Alaska bye the attack on Uncle Ted was to the Dems. And we can see just how happy Mark Begich was to thank them for making him so important! This did come down to 1 VOTE! I think we all know how our Senators voted, this is how we are thanked for our vote. I am ready for some real change, because if the US Government can tax property sales, it can increase taxes also if they need more of my money. So get this straight your liberal voting freinds are robbing you just like sticking a gun in your ribs and taking what ever they want of your lifes work! Like the change!

Norseman 10/12/12 - 06:55 am
post where you got this info.

post where you got this info.

gfds98765 10/12/12 - 11:32 am
The ‘Post Police’ always on alert

The ‘Post Police’ are on patrolobey
No don’t obey, they can do their own research. This consistent DEMAND for people to prove their posts & provide proof is just a Saul Alinsky ‘rules for Radicals’ attempt to gain power.

While you’re wasting your time gathering up your proofs, (which they would never read, understand, or accept in a million year) they have moved on to their next hateful ‘Poo’ attack.

Don’t play their game. You cannot change their mind, as they only want your submission, your property, & your money.

The value added tax for Obamacare has not escaped the democrats. They CREATED it, and fully support it as redistribution of your earned paycheck. It’s posted all over the net.

Independents & Republicans working for a paycheck,
So you don’t have to

freedomlibertytruth 10/15/12 - 01:29 pm

Dennis Barnard The great trader, you probably knew this
Trade imbalance, heck the Federal Government that we pay for promotes it!

The Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) provides DUTY-FREE entry for up to 5,000 products imported from 128 different countries. How is that fair to American business?

President Obama signed legislation to reauthorize the GSP program through July 31, 2013.

The U.S. has lost about 43,000 factories since 2001,

China buys $1.00 of our stuff.
We buy $3.90 of Chinese stuff.

Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 10/17/12 - 06:53 am
Facts will prove nothing to Many

The facts usually mean anything or change opinions when dealing with unreasoning men.
They have changed what is good into what is bad and are totally void of understanding what is true or real.
I would like to thank my Big buddy Dennis/Red Dog for his facts of not being me, but tha he never was ashamed to be confused as being me.
Dennis and i have known each other for 35+ yrs and worked together in Service to the Kenai Pen. as well as Alaskan people with a spirit of helping others any way we could, something that certain companies and people just don't like.
The two of us would give you any help that we could provide in order to assest you in your struggles of daily life, and those traits have not changed, even though we have been moved out by a company that could care less about consumers or employees.
Hard times are coming and as i was told Tuesday morning by a Major food store here on the Kenai to kind of help some possibly GRASP REALITY. I was told that the price of eggs was about to increase to $6.00 a DOZEN.
What part of High prices on EVERYTHING don't some understand that points to a Global economic crash?
What do any of us actually control in regard to our economics that are manipulated and controled by electronics?
The End Game is for Americas crash and that will cause ALL the World to crash and the cry for a Savior to come forth, whether Devil or man to save us from this economic morass into which we have sank. That Devil Man is coming and no one is going to stop his arrival or escape his forced alliance either.
As Rashah McChesney stated in an article a while back, 'Something Wicked, this way come.' And it's not just winter weather, this Wicked thats coming.

Thanks Dennis, and others for your trying to wake people up to Reality so they can prepare for that coming wicked controler of all.

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