The great trader

Trade keeps the world moving, all those ships, boats, trains and airplanes weave a facinating web that somehow connects our lives with the products we need to make it better. The art of the deal is sometimes lost in the shuffle but you can bet that behind the scene there is someone adding the art of the trade to seal the deal. That is what has me so concerned about our up coming election, seems someone is willing to trade everything my generation has worked for, for a vote! Just go ahead and recognize it for what it is, straight up bribery on a scale not imagined!


Everybody’s everything kind of reminds me of that old Santana album cover. The giving away of America on a scale that will exhaust our personal and national wealth at a pace that is unsustainable. Better get that vote is the song of the day! To give this promised land to everyone that comes along with a new vote in their hand reduces the value of what will be there for those that have earned it. I guess there must be a lot at stake!

Just who will pay for it in the long term is the problem. Giving so much away to those that have not paid in a dime will soon leave Generation X holding the Bag! And like it or not those are the votes that will determine how this next one goes.

Generation X could be sealing the deal for their future, will the government have enough funding to sustain this massive give away or will it just reduce what is given to support those that contributed nothing! Heck we can just borrow more money from China, yes another bail out, that will work! Sadly enough the only pipeline this president is not stopping, is the one carrying our money to China.

So as my old buddy so soundly said, “Save your money Boy there’s a hard times coming.”

So listen and watch closely as the next few weeks of campaigning unroll two very different paths for Amarica and be very careful with your vote. There is someone out there willing to trade everything for that vote!


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