All governments’ politico-religious journeys

Over the 43 years since the age of 18, I have had the privilege to either vote or not vote as an American depending on whether or not I agreed with the politico-religious beliefs that each candidate or party was espousing. I do remember my exact words to my history teacher when I told her it did not make any difference who got elected as they all have the same end game plans of control. I wasn’t even a believer in Christ Jesus back then, but simple stupid me could see the writing on the walls of reality of man’s desire to control others for evil purposes.


Of course as a young impressionable union member that usually voted as the union told me to, I displaced my responsibility as an individual voter with freedom to choose for myself and my personal responsibility to research out exactly what was the end game plans of these different candidates as they presented their views of hope and change to believe in.

I have since retired due to injury, which has enabled me to learn how to use this tool called a computer to research out many different issues, as well as other informational tools in order to make a rational understanding of issues presented as a belief system for people to vote on and place their hopes in a person, party of our choice. All of history shows that every government through the ages has been a politico-religious governing body which imposes its desires on all its subjects in one form or another.

Government depends on people who align with those different politico-religious beliefs for the winning control of governments designed to rule people in one way or another. Religion has always been a tool used to control the masses and is no different today anywhere around the world, as we see many rapid changes to governments and the directions they take in relationship to political governments controlling people by religious beliefs.

If people would only be honest as they place their hope and faith in many different politicians in all parties by voting for them and their ideals, we would admit that it is a religious belief system and we are believing in promises of men for our hope and change in hopes of a better way of life for all, which never seems to materialize for very long in good for any.

So as you exercise your freedom to vote or not to vote this November, or any election, please remember that your votes are based on your beliefs in what your candidate of free choice is saying and that you are in fact placing your hope in, for a politico-religious government with your votes, no matter the party.

I will close with the words of our President Obama when he said “Don’t be duped, vote,” which I agree with as I also say, “Don’t be duped, vote” with understanding of what’s really at stake.



Wed, 05/30/2018 - 21:51

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