Many guns aren't for shooting people

Growing up on a farm in northern Iowa during the Depression, almost every farm house had guns. We had a real neat very small .22 cal. rifle which I used when first hunting rabbits. My older brother used a single shot 12 gauge shot gun. I was about 11 years old and while going around the fence rows, I got the first shot and my brother took care of my misses. We skinned them out and hung them in our entry room to the house, it was our freezer during the winter and Mom could just go out and grab a couple when she needed meat for dinner. I don’t know the history of those guns as they just seemed to be with our family, and were never meant to be a “people” killer.

Guns do not kill people, people kill people.

Iowa had a gun class sponsored by the Sportsmen’s Club for school students in the 6th grade and our daughter took the class along with the others. They taught them how to service them and how to load and aim them. This was pistols and long guns, and in the 1940s.

The guns that I owned were a high powered rifle for moose hunting and a .357 pistol that was on my hip while hunting and also spent about 50,000 miles wrapped around my steering wheel while snowmobiling. I also have a 12-gauge shotgun from about the 1930s that was my father-in-law’s and hasn’t been fired for many years. None of these were meant to be people killing guns

When we lived in California I set up a good sized cardboard box, in our garage, filled it with wadded up newspaper and on the one side placed a target. Our three teenage daughters plus Dad had lots of fun shooting a .22 caliber air pistol at this target.


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