Invest in Alaska's children

Once again Governor Parnell and the Republicans are blaming the teachers for the failure of our public education system and your children’s performances. How about really investing in your children by bringing the system up to the 21st and 22nd century by computerizing the schools?


Image a computer on every desk from 3rd grade to 12th grade with up to date technology. Your children want technology to help them in life. Just look at what they want and have in their lives now. Teachers can teach more children per class, using flash drives for books and flash drives for tests, quizzes and homework, and parents can see where your children need help. No more carrying books that break your children’s backs.

One digital library at the school district headquarters reduces cost and space, plus a whole lot more. Think of the future not, just today or the individuals of today in America. Level the learning field in Alaska. Governor Parnell wants Alaska to be at the top and a great example in America’s public education system. Why not invest in your children?

I am sure you are asking yourselves how to pay for this investment. Well, Governor Parnell and the Republicans want to give back $2 billion to the oil companies. All profit. Imagine what that money would do for your children’s education system. Maybe Apple Computers or Microsoft could provide help building the system, as a example for America and the world.

Two billion dollars a year sure would go along way for the children of Alaska. But I read that we are stealing from the oil companies. Imagine that — stealing money from the oil companies.

Personally speaking as a high stake gambler, I would call the oil companies’ bluff. They don’t want to invest in Alaska any more, so bet it. With $40 billion in investments and over $15 billion in the bank to back you up, I would call their bluff.

Governor Parnell wants to build a state owned oil refinery, why not an state owned oil company? We have the talent and man power, so call their bluff. With over $55 billion backing Alaska, let them leave and give up their leases. Alaska would be a great example for other states and countries in the world.

The benefits that Alaska could have. There is nothing better we can do or be for our children in Alaska.


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