Purchase of businesses by hospital raises concerns

I have some real concern that Central Peninsula Hospital is now attempting to become a landlord under this ordinance 2012-19-41. The assembly needs to ask themselves the following questions:


1. What type for precedent is this setting for future and current medical providers? Is CPH now going to purchase all medical providers a building and remodel? Does this include current and future medical providers?

2. How many people are going to lose jobs because this medical provider wants CPH to purchase a building in Soldotna and upgrade it at a cost of $700,000?

3. The plan appears to be to move CPGH PT in Kenai to the newly purchased building in Kenai — but continue to rent/lease space in Soldotna for CPGH PT and spend a lot of tax dollars to subsidize one medical provider.

4. How much property tax revenue is the borough going to lose due to this purchase?

5. If they continue to purchase private property to lease to medical providers how much tax revenue will be lost in the future?

6. How many PT clients of Frontier PT that currently rely on the only heated PT pool in Kenai/Soldotna are going to be affected by this subsidized medical providers building?

Many older clients are only able to use the heated pool due to medical conditions and travel distance. Nikiski’s pool is too far and too cold for many and the high school pools are the same and many have no access for wheelchair patients.

It appears that CPH is stepping outside of the bounds of a hospital in purchasing private property for the use on only one medical provider. If this provider wants the building then he/she should purchase the building, foot the cost of upgrades and pay property taxes just as every other private medical provider in the Kenai Peninsula Borough pays.

I am not a medical provider nor do I work for a medical provider. I just see this as being very unfair to every private medical provider and it will cost a lot of people who need a heated pool for physical therapy the loss of the physical therapy all in the name of one medical provider.

The borough assembly needs to consider all the parties that will be affected by this ordinance.


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