Price gouging on the Peninsula?

The price of gasoline has been lowered approximately $.50 a gallon since August and the price of diesel fuel has been reduced by a like amount. The price of propane has not reduced by one single penny in the same time.

The cost of propane delivered to your home is approximately $5.00 per gallon. It has been this high for several months with no sign of lowering. The price for the same gallon of propane delivered to your house in Ketchikan is $2.50. The price for a gallon of propane delivered to your house in Juneau is $2.55. I am at a loss to understand how propane in Southeast Alaska can be so cheap, while propane in the Kenai Peninsula can be so high when the source is in our backyard. The propane in Ketchikan and Juneau can only get to those communities via barge service from the Seattle area. The transportation costs are very high via water barge so one can imagine just how low the price is in Seattle area.

It is obvious that the local propane fuel merchants are going to continue to rip off the public through this price gouging. This is the same price gouging that our local representatives claim is not occurring. I feel sorry for those people who depend on propane to heat their homes because natural gas is being withheld from a large area of the Kenai Peninsula.

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Hopefully the next session of the Alaska Legislature can work together to bring affordable fuels to all in the peninsula area.


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