Slow drivers should be considerate, too

I’d like to address the folks who cannot seem to drive the speed limit on the highway. I’m not writing about the speeders, but rather the ones who prefer to drive much slower than the speed limit! I’m sure there is a law (which I don’t believe is enforced often) stating that you must pull over if you are delaying 5 vehicles. Only rarely, very rarely, have I seen that actually happen. In the last couple of weeks I have been delayed in groups containing 8, 11, and even 22 cars. This was when the roads are clear of snow and the temperature well above freezing.


Why don’t slow drivers take the time to look in the rear view mirror and realize that you are the one causing problems?

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If you are scared to drive, don’t do it. If you must, at least have the common sense to realize that other drivers are not scared. Some of us even enjoy it.

If you think you are doing fine, check your speedometer to see if it is calibrated correctly — different tire sizes affect speedometer readings.

If you don’t have good winter (perhaps even studded) tires, shame on you. Driving slow will not save you from an accident if you can’t stop suddenly — even at 20 mph.

I’m sure there are a multitude of other reasons to drive slowly. But at least show the courtesy you expect from others. Pay attention and realize that you may be the problem.

I do realize that we all need to be careful when road conditions warrant, and there are times that 40 mph or even less is fine. But please don’t do it on a clear sunny day with 15 cars stuck behind you. It should not be your decision whether or not I drive the speed limit.


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