Right of way clearing project doesn't make sense

Two years ago I also tried to get information from DOT for why they had to cut the whole right of way between Ninilchik and Clam Gulch. I was told everything from they are building a 4 lane highway to It was required by the ADF&G. Never did get a true answer. I also tried to find out why the project wasn’t bid and where the money came from. Never found that out either except it was donated by the President of the USA so DOT represented by Carl High had to spend it.

Right now around mile 124 they have 6 machines cutting, 4 or 5 guys chainsawing and several support vehicles, making about a mile a day at around $18,000 per mile. If they were doing it for the moose, they would follow ADF&G recommendations and only cut 60 feet and make 2 miles a day. If they were cutting to stop shading the highway they could make 3 miles a day. If they had bid it out they probably could have made 4 miles a day for that same amount of money. Around 5 years ago, the State bought a $40,000 big fancy wood stove for a group of people on Cohoe, but never gave them any wood. Why couldn’t they give them the wood off the right of way and get it cut for free? It just doesn’t make any sense. Why can’t the DOT tell us why they need to cut the right of way? Are they going to plow our 200 foot driveways after they are done now the snow drifts every time it blows? Are they going to build noise barriers like in Anchorage so we don’t have to hear the traffic all day and night?

I thought Alaskans wanted less government, not have it shoved down our necks.


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