Clear cutting along roadways disappointing

My family is appalled by the way the state came in and “bulldozed” over hundreds of live green standing trees along the Sterling Highway starting at Ninilchik continuing north. My family watched a small seedling grow for 15 years way back off the highway. We decided to put out a sign to ask the state department to “please save this tree.” The crew operating the heavy equipment (private contractors) were very sympathetic and understanding however told they had to cut it down by orders from DOT. We called DOT and asked if landowners could at least suggest one or two trees to “save” as we are living so close to the highway. This will bring more moose to browse closer to the highway once the grass comes up so we can continue to slaughter them along the roadway. What study did they do? The Sterling Highway is still a dangerous two lane old dark (winter) rundown road with over 7,000 vehicles driving it during the summer. What was the purpose for this clear cutting of “all” of the live green trees without leaving a few here or there for natural scenic beauty of the highway? There is not enough voices on the Kenai Peninsula to stand up for our environment as well as our resource depletion like the Kenai River that is over fished as well as halibut! Our neighbors planted lodgepole pine just to see the state come in and bulldoze over that stretch of gorgeous live trees. One of the reasons we live in Alaska is to enjoy the outdoors and beauty! Very disappointed family.


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