An open letter to Grover Norquist

Grover Norquist, Americans for Tax Reform (the outfit that required loyalty oaths from legislators not to raise taxes for anything at any time):


Who are you? Who elected you to bring Congress into compliance with your philosophy, whatever it is? In a democracy the elected officials are chosen to provide for the common good of the electorate. Or at least that was what I learned as a student and have continued to believe as a voting adult.

Who are you to demand compliance to be provided you or offer threats of loss of the ability to legislate? Somehow that strikes me as more plutocratic than democratic. I am truly curious why your opinion is used by many in the news media as the “last, most accurate word.” The legislators who have lined up behind you are listening to you for direction as to how to legislate. Where is the electorate in this mix?

If your influence is so great that you are “He Who Must Be Obeyed,” what is your reward system that ensures compliance? Since you are privately sponsored or personally sponsored, how can you demand your rights to compliance beyond that of the electorate? Is it called “support” or “graft” of a specific new form? What form of support can you offer without the knowledge of an informed electorate?

Why do the legislators have to check with you before they vote for a bill impacting the electorate? Have they been good boys and girls for you? How does this process provide for the overall well being of the nation and its citizens?

It is very confusing to me.


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