Teachers should not be armed

This subject has taken lots of thought and research in an old history book, my 1950 High School Yearbook. Teachers have too many responsibilities plus if they are designated to carry a gun, the whacko who was planning to do something crazy would eliminate the gun carrier first.

The number of teachers in my small hometown school who would have been capable of carrying a gun would be small. Our principal and band instructor were both World War II veterans some of the ladies could hunt with the best of them, but that is not in the job description of an Educator.

This yearbook has pictures of all of the students and teachers of grade 1 through 12 and two of the teachers, grades 1 and 2, taught my wife and her stepfather in this school. They may have spent all their teaching career teaching in this one school. We did not need kindergarten because our “parents” taught us at home. Today, with 50 percent of the children without parents there is no home training. My only recollection of toys was a wooden block set with letters and numbers on them. That was our kindergarten school books.

We were taught at an early age how to handle guns, the high school boys probably carried guns in their cars, especially during pheasant season and were looking for birds on their way home from school. Or in the winter time, rabbits, good old corn fed birds and animals. Our educators of today are teaching against guns anyway and like the rest of the world want to lay down and roll over like all the other countries in the world have done and look what has happened to them. They have became peasants to the dictatorship governments.

Please don’t try taking my gun away, I spent 4 years trying to preserve the right to carry it


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