Big spenders at work again

The hospital group is not happy again. My first introduction to a hospital came about in the late 1930s as my oldest brother needed to have his appendix removed. This hospital was a 4 story large white house in our town. It had 4 bedrooms, operating room, office and visiting area. Nothing fancy. Then after the Second World War the town built a very nice small hospital which is still in operation and when we first came to Kenai and I told my wife that the Soldotna hospital was almost a duplicate of it except the one here was some larger. The same facilities at Osage, Iowa, about 65 miles from the Mayo Clinic and hospitals, and Soldotna, about 65 air miles to great hospitals in Anchorage.

Driving around Soldotna, with all the new doctors now, and they are located so that a person can almost drive in their front door for us old people who don’t get around very good any more. But with this new $37.5 million tower for doctors and offices would make it very inconvenient for quite a number of people living in the Kenai, Soldotna area. It looks to me like a “power trip” spending tax payer money when I personally think it could be very well gotten along without. Also need to find a whole lot more parking space.

I have been a patient several times since moving to Alaska and my last trip was very amusing, I couldn’t walk very well and the nurse took me into the shower in the new section and had to throw towels down, because the showers were built and apparently not inspected during construction, no trough to hold the shower water, just towels at the doors to keep the water from running into my room.

I do not think the politicians think about the shape the country is in. Now I was born at the bottom of the first big Depression and pretty much know about not having money and if it happens again, all these people who think they should be getting all their “stuff” from the government will be greatly disappointed.


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