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Congress must do more to protect our borders

Posted: January 31, 2013 - 2:22pm  |  Updated: February 1, 2013 - 9:59am

Federal laws exist concerning visas, applying for U.S. citizenship, and illegal immigration. However, media reports indicate government hasn’t been enforcing those laws to the letter.

We have an unknown number of individuals who have overstayed their visas because of a lack of enforcement by the feds. Articles appear regularly where someone is arrested for one infraction and is found to be here illegally because they overstayed their visa.

Research shows Congress has granted amnesty or extended previous ones to illegal aliens sevens time since 1986. Seven times! The number of illegal aliens benefitting from these programs is estimated to be around 4,800,000 people. That’s nearly 5 million illegal aliens who were lawbreakers and who were forgiven.

Now, because Congress hasn’t adequately protected our borders, another amnesty program is being proposed. Nope, it’s not called an amnesty program because that term might conjure up a bad connotation. Why? Because almost every previous amnesty program was introduced with speeches indicating this would be the last time we would do this. Nope, it’s now called a path to citizenship. However, we all know the saying about a rose by any other name — and this will be the Boone and Crocket of all amnesty programs with an estimated 11 million illegal aliens.

From the trenches where I sit it looks like this. The federal government has done a far less than stellar job of protecting our borders. They now acknowledge that a few people have slipped through without being caught, eleven million to be exact. And, they’re asking themselves, what do we do about it?

If eleven million people can slip into our country without being apprehended, I wonder how many terrorists got through. I also wonder how much illegal aliens are costing the federal and state governments, and what that total would be compared to fully funding and staffing a border patrol force. Finally, I wonder why aliens would stop trying to sneak into the country when every couple of years Congress forgives them and gives them citizenship.

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Hawaii Bunny
Hawaii Bunny 01/31/13 - 03:50 pm
M. Scott Moon

Just had to say I saw a clip that said Scott was asked to gather some of his photos to create a slide show of his super photos, since he is leaving the Peninsula Clarion. Now that I'm registered, I could not find that clip to view the slide show which will be a legacy to all of us who have enjoyed his photos! Over the years, Scott, as your photos appeared on the front page of the Peninsula Clarion, I cut them out and taped them to my cabinets and there are about 15 of your photos still posted for all to enjoy when the clients come into my office. Please know that many share my view that you are an AWESOME photographer. Wherever you go, I am positive - just as all your other "fans" are - that you'll take your talent with you so GOOD LUCK TO YOU, M. SCOTT MOON. You will be missed!

Rashah McChesney
Rashah McChesney 01/31/13 - 04:40 pm
M. Scott Moon's Gallery

Here's a link to the gallery you were looking for, we miss Scott too.

spwright 01/31/13 - 05:28 pm
THANK YOU ! M Scott Moon !

You have left behind a Legacy that will be remembered for Generations for Your Fellow Alaskans.

spwright 02/02/13 - 10:31 am
Mr Hill

2/2/13 Yes i'm confused about how Your issue has anything to do with Mr Moon leaving the Clarion ?

fyi: I had Family that lived in Mission Texas right on the Rio Grand River & Border with Mexico. It was literately a Combat Zone. Every morning more Dead Bodies would be found on the bridge to Mexico. This was documented numerous times on the NatGeo series BORDER WARS. Of course We here in America hear very Little about this War. WHY ? Cuz the Drug Cartels MURDER anyone & everyone that will speak the truth about these Murders. Journalists, Police, Judges,Jurors, Witnesses,Reporters Anyone that has the courage to speak up & tell the Truth doesn't live for very long.
That's not some Movie Fantasy, that is For Real in Mexico.
60,000 People have been Murdered over the last 10 years & We here in America know so very little about what's happening there. Naive Americans still travel there for Vacations unaware they are traveling into a Combat Zone & Death all around them. That can't happen to me .& yes the State Dept Warns of this Violence & they still go anyway.

25,000 Border Patrol Agents have been hired, The Texas Army National Guard patrols with UAV Drones & High Tech Observation Equipment, Helicopters, Aircraft, River Boats,
Underground Sensors that detect movement or tunnels. etc etc etc. So YES Our Border with Mexico is better protected now than it ever has been in the past.That 11 Million that You speak about. They were here decades ago & now have grandchildren. So ya Can't blame that on President Obama.
While Our Northern Border with Canada is only observed at local highway check points. You can literately simply walk across the Border & into Canada.No One is the Wiser.
Thanks for Listening SPW

Sam Von Pufendorf
Sam Von Pufendorf 02/02/13 - 12:55 pm
The 11 million

"That 11 Million that You speak about. They were here decades ago & now have grandchildren. So ya Can't blame that on President Obama."

1) I read Mr Hills letter numerous times and didn't see any reference to President Obama. The very title blames congress for inaction on the illegal immigration issue. Not the President.

2) To imply all 11 million illegals have been here for decades is a) unsubstantiated and b) Proposterous. Current estimates for illegal immigrants including those who entered illegally and those who have over stayed their visa's stands at roughly 300 thousand per year which has been declining since the start of the last recession. Those returning to their country of origin voluntarily has actually increased in that same time frame. Unfortunately, that number again is increasing with an improving economy.
Of the 10.8 million unauthorized immigrants in 2010, 4.2 million (39 percent) had entered the United States on January 1, 2000 or later. An estimated 1.0 million (9 percent) came to the United States between 2005 and 2009 while 3.2 million (30 percent) came during 2000 to 2004. Forty-three percent came to live in the United States during the 1990s, and 19 percent entered during the 1980s.
Including those that were born to the immigrants would substantially raise the 11 million estimate. In addition, those born within the borders are Americans, not immigrants.

To address Mr Hills belief that there will be another "blanket" amnesty; the current bill which was referred to committee on 1/22/13 does no such thing. This bill gives very few actual answers on how to achieve the stated goals, but states guidelines to a path of legal citizenship. The fact is very few bills concerning immigration make it to the Presidents desk due mostly to partisan politics and a failure to compromise.

Raoulduke 02/02/13 - 03:49 pm

It is the duty of our legislators to protect this country with the laws that they legislate.Now! Say they voted to make illegal entry into this country a FEDERAL crime instead of the state misdemeanor that it is,and give mandatory sentences(10years) as are drug crimes.Do you think there would be anyone in the capitol city wanting to vote yes on this type of measure?I do not think that anyone has the stones, but we voted them to be there.There may also be a decrease in the flow of illegal aliens.I am not in agreement to Carte Blanche any illegal alien.What about the legal citizens.Who won't be able to find a job?Because the jobs went to ILLEGAL ALIENS.Charity begins at home.I believe.They have placed a heavy burden on our welfare system,and the bottom line is.They are ILLEGAL.

Sam Von Pufendorf
Sam Von Pufendorf 02/02/13 - 06:18 pm
Aiding and abedding

If the government were to follow the laws already prescribed by congress the illegal or undocumented immigrant issue would dry up.
If you start actively prosecuting those that harbor (rent living space) employ or aid in any way an undocumented immigrant and exact large fines and hefty jail or proabtionary sentences, the immigrants would have no reason to stay as there would be no place to work and no place to live. Some of the onus belongs to the legal and/or naturalized citizens. We buy fruits and vegetables harvested by illegals. We shop at convenience stores who's cash registers are often manned by illegals. We take cabs in every major city that are often driven by foreign undocumented immigrants. We get many of our good and services cheaper because we ourselves won't work for such weak wages.
The reason for the influx of undocumented workers is in great part due to an ability to earn money. Take away that ability, fine and jail those that provide that ability and illegal immigration would start to fall... fast!

radiokenai 02/17/13 - 08:04 am
0 guys just don't get it do you?

Baracky WANTS more illegals into this country! Have you heard about that little piece of legislation he call the Dream Act?

Every illegal (rather gangbanger or not) that enters into the US is a potential vote for his socialistic agenda!

Have you been paying attention to the fact that Homeland Security is buying up all NATO ammunition to the tune of 1.6 billion rounds? Just who do you think that ammo is intended for? Illegals?

I can't believe how stupid the American Voter has become...but I guess promise them a free welfare check and they will do anything!

BigRedDog 02/18/13 - 06:36 am
Just shut it Down!

The hauling of Drug Money and weapons through our border has been called a matter of National Security by the past two Presidents. Being a matter of NS calls for citizen intervention, Citizen Malitia that is. Send 200 or 300 returning Afgan and Iraqi Vets to each primary border crossing and have them augment the Border Patrol. That is check every vehicle going North or South in a fashion the BP doesn't have enough personel to accomplish. Then take 25% or 50% of all cash confiscated and all weapons.
This would be a very dangerous proceedure, and those Narco Trafficers would come unglued. So these Malitia would be targetted by these NT making it very dangerous to these Patriots. So pay them, I'm sure the millions, no Billions of US dollars going south that could be found would fund a proper hideout for these troops. What would they do if 200 or 300 heavily armed malitia just showed up and said we are here and this is what we are doing! We decided to start today, unanounced to the NT so won't you please step out of the vehicle sir?
This is where the money is, you want to shut this thing down take the money and keep taking it! Anything else is just political pandering to the Latino Vote and there has been enough of that. This kind of money could fund retirements, you know help returning vets get back on their feet after their feet were blown off by an IED. That kind of money is right there for the taking, so how about some Malitia stepping up to the plate? This is what a Malitia is for, to lend aid and assisitance to the People of this great Nation in times of National Emergency. Well any threat to our National Security as the trafficing of money and guns through our Border has been labled constitutes an emergency. Please step out of the vehicle Sir!

kksalm 02/18/13 - 09:28 am
Shut the border, keep them here

Who's going to slime fish when the time comes?
Just sayin'.
Have a wonderful day!

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