Congress must do more to protect our borders

Federal laws exist concerning visas, applying for U.S. citizenship, and illegal immigration. However, media reports indicate government hasn’t been enforcing those laws to the letter.


We have an unknown number of individuals who have overstayed their visas because of a lack of enforcement by the feds. Articles appear regularly where someone is arrested for one infraction and is found to be here illegally because they overstayed their visa.

Research shows Congress has granted amnesty or extended previous ones to illegal aliens sevens time since 1986. Seven times! The number of illegal aliens benefitting from these programs is estimated to be around 4,800,000 people. That’s nearly 5 million illegal aliens who were lawbreakers and who were forgiven.

Now, because Congress hasn’t adequately protected our borders, another amnesty program is being proposed. Nope, it’s not called an amnesty program because that term might conjure up a bad connotation. Why? Because almost every previous amnesty program was introduced with speeches indicating this would be the last time we would do this. Nope, it’s now called a path to citizenship. However, we all know the saying about a rose by any other name — and this will be the Boone and Crocket of all amnesty programs with an estimated 11 million illegal aliens.

From the trenches where I sit it looks like this. The federal government has done a far less than stellar job of protecting our borders. They now acknowledge that a few people have slipped through without being caught, eleven million to be exact. And, they’re asking themselves, what do we do about it?

If eleven million people can slip into our country without being apprehended, I wonder how many terrorists got through. I also wonder how much illegal aliens are costing the federal and state governments, and what that total would be compared to fully funding and staffing a border patrol force. Finally, I wonder why aliens would stop trying to sneak into the country when every couple of years Congress forgives them and gives them citizenship.


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