Executive orders appear to be in conflict with Constitution

The Second Amendment has been whirling around the news very often these days, because of the frequent atrocities involving weapons. The Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy was truly alarming; my heart goes out to the students and their families. I wonder, if the affected families are thankful that the incident sparked government action, or if they view it as politicians taking advantage of the emotions created through the tragedy.

Specifically, President Obama made 23 executive orders concerning gun control. The media portrayed the actions as not anything truly radical. After some research, I found these changes made are alarming because they defy the Constitution. I am currently taking U.S. government in high school, and it is my understanding that any degree of disregarding the Constitution is a serious offense. Didn’t our president swear to uphold it? The 23 executive orders are not only destroying the second amendment, but also the first, fourth, and fifth amendments. The actions allow federal agencies to access “relevant data” as well as clarifying that doctors may ask about firearms in our households. On top of many other things, Obama ordered a letter be written to the AFT to specify how to run background checks. This is taking steps to pave the way for background checks to take place in any transfer of firearms. The executive actions are no small violations of our liberty invested in us by the Constitution.

I wonder, if president Obama is allowed to make these actions without congressional approval, what is going to stop him, or any other president in the future for taking further action? The political actions that are taking place are contradicting what our Constitution is telling me, and the problem isn’t with the Constitution.


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