Pay attention now, before next year's election

Recently each and every one of the local residents and voters were reminded by the Borough Mayor that it is necessary for us all to be paying attention to what the various government entities are doing. This would include city councilmen and women, Borough Assembly members, State Legislators, and U.S. Senators and Congress. In that vein, the public may be interested in a small group of people that meets twice a month at a coffee shop in Nikiski to discuss what appears on the KPB Assembly Agenda. There needs to be a group of people doing the same thing in the cities of Kenai and Soldotna. This will provide a convenient local means to pay attention to what our elected representation is doing.

However, of ultimate importance today and the reason for this letter is the voting record and the activities of the U.S. Congressmen and women. Recently I received in the mail the voting record o.f U.S Senators up for re-elect in 2014. Considering we have a U.S. Senator among those up for re-election, now would be the time to start looking more closely at his voting record. I have heard many complaints about various votes that have been taken in Washington, D.C., and whether those votes were consistent with the intentions and desires of the residents of the State of Alaska.

Considering we have been given the reminder to pay attention, as with KPB Ordinance 2011 – 12, it is much better to pay attention before the voting has taken place rather than after. So do what you can to find the voting record of one, Mark Begich, U.S. Senator up for re-election in 2014, and satisfy yourself that he is paying attention to what his constituents of the State of Alaska are saying to him.


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