Issues of violence can't be solved with an 'easy' button

A teacher in Loveland’s Mary Blair Elementary School, Leavenworth, Colo., kicked a 7-year-old student out of school for pretending to throw a hand grenade. Sounds kind of crazy right? A sure sign of a society gone crazy is when it allows anyone to pretend to kill anything. With that said, why would we even need to pretend to kill something? Isn’t it bad enough that we have to kill sometimes to live on planet earth but why would anyone need to pretend to kill a person, a bird, a bug or anything? Killing is a case of last resort; to resolve a situation which cannot be resolved in other ways.


Why practice a tactic of last resort when there are so many other possible solutions? It would be like pretending to swat a fly on the kitchen table with a nuclear weapon. What is the purpose? Good or bad there has to be a purpose, right?

Why dwell on tactics of last resort first, instead of last? It makes little sense to have a child dwell on killing anything. There may be cases where violence or killing is justified but pretend movies, pretend video games or even the pretend world of a child’s mind is not the place to explore them. Pretend should be reserved for experiencing good things but why would you want a child to be able to dwell on violence, death and destruction when they could be dwelling on productive and up lifting ideas and processes?

Suspending a child from his education for thinking incorrect thoughts is as bad as throwing a pretend hand grenade. It is part of the same defective button pushing thought process that wants us to believe that we can save the planet by pressing a button, pulling a pin, banning a tool or removing a student’s education. What would be wrong with a teacher using a little creative thinking to help the child resolve the situation with a constructive solution process rather than pulling the pin or ejecting the kid from his education? Ejecting the kid rather than helping him is part of the same problem of trying to resolve issues the easy way. Don’t like your neighbor? Pull the pin, toss a bomb. Don’t like what a kid is thinking? Pull the pin, toss them out of school. Don’t like all the pin pullers and suspenders? Just get a gun and kill everyone ...

Many people only want to find a quick and easy button to press to remove the problem, rather than having to actually deal with the people involved. Don’t like the mess you created pulling all the pins? Well then you just need to ban the pins rather than actually dealing with the people who want to pull the pins in the first place. Our teachers are teaching our kids that “pin pulling” is OK for teachers but not for the students. After enough of this type of hypocritical teaching dumped over enough students, eventually you’re going to run up against a child who will see the hypocrisy and therefore rebel; thus another school shooter is created.

The point is that our teachers are in fact teaching students to only address problems with instant solutions rather than dealing with the people involved. Kicking a student out of school is just another instant solution just like gun control and resolves nothing.

Believe it or not all these “pin and button instant solutions” are not the best way to resolve our problems. We need to end the mentality that we can make all our troubles go away by lazily kicking kids out of school for incorrect thinking or banning guns for incorrect target selection. We need to understand that we have many people in this country who have mental problems. Just kicking these people out or banning their destructive tools does not reach to the roots of the problem. Americans have become lazy. We need to all roll up our sleeves and grab a shovel instead of just believing that we can stand above it all while pushing buttons to make all of our problems go away.


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