Nullification valid means to oppose federal edicts

With the overconfidence fed a subservient press, the federal government has discovered, at long last, that there are limits to where it can push the states and the people. The issue is self-defense, as in guns and firearms. We can already see how the current federal dictator and his Congressional lackeys are attempting to extract themselves from an issue that is proving as prickly as a porcupine. The shop-worn media techniques, like photo ops with guns, are so transparent now that it has created the opposite effect: not a suckered electorate, but increased resistance.


We can also be certain that no federal statute will emerge to confiscate our guns, at least for now. Too many Democratic senators from Republican states, of which Mark Begich is the prime example, would be committing political suicide. Far more dangerous are state and local laws, with New York and the other northeastern states leading the way. But this, too, is questionable, at the city council of Westford, Massachusetts had second thoughts, and received a standing ovation for doing so.

The tyrants may have control of the federal apparatus of government, but they do not control the majority of the state legislatures, a much better indicator of the national mood. If warfare and welfare appear to divide Americans, this is not so with the Second Amendment. It is here that Alaskans need to be introduced to the key to effective resistance: nullification.

A major rally on this topic will be presented on Monday, March 4 at 7:00 p.m., at the KCHS auditorium. On hand will be NRA vice-president Wayne Anthony Ross, and live via SKYPE Best-Selling author Thomas Woods, author of Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century.

What is nullification? It is not secession, it is not unconstitutional, it is not untried and it is not ineffective. It is, in fact, a supremely courageous and constitutional act, because it seeks to restore the proper relationship in the much-abused balance between the states and their own creature, the federal government. The nonsense that believes the Constitution demands that the states, but not the national government, obey the constraints that are placed upon it, is the surest sign of tyranny and oppression.

Nullification as found in HB 69 sponsored by House Speaker Mike Chenault, will declare that any federal agent who threatens a law-abiding Alaskan with gun confiscation, to be a felon. It will place the authority of the state between the federal government and the citizen.

A series of bills are currently moving through the legislature and the indications are that its sponsors and supporters will not be easily scared off by hostile opinions. Furthermore, the issues are not negotiable. A legislator’s oath to protect and defend the Constitution is not an oath to protect and defend the federal government.

The bills declare that 1) the federal government is acting outside of the law with attempts to limit the right to keep and bear arms; and 2) as a remedy for a host of other illegal federal acts, nullification might prove just as useful, as in Rep. Wes Keller’s HB 83.

Get ready: the journalistic and academic gurus, together with the cosmetically adorned judiciary with black robes and long faces, will tell us peasants just what the Constitution is supposed to mean. However, a critical mass of the citizenry appears to have figured out that this system is a sham that has gone on for too long, and is in fact responsible for bringing us to this juncture; better yet, the peoples’ representatives in the legislature now realize that we understand this, and will act accordingly.

But a warning: the weapon that the tyrants will wield will be in their control of the legal, academic and journalistic spheres; and ultimately the threat of removing all federal funding.

But what a liberating moment that will prove to be!


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