Open meeting violations need closer scrutiny

Since the recent passing of my father, the quotes he often made have more meaning to me. This one makes great sense now “Is that a reason or an excuse for what you did?” One is the truth and the other is well ... an excuse. I question our current KPB Assembly. An old adage states ignorance of the law is no excuse, but should the KPB Assembly get off with “we didn’t know?”


Since the first of the year 2013, we the people, have witnessed 5 Assembly members breaking the Open Meetings Act Law. Yes, that’s the majority of our local governing body.

Does their Oath of Office exempt them from enforcement of the law? I, for one, don’t think so. Dad would also say “no money can buy my vote.” Their job is their money and power. Their Oath guarantees we, the people, control them as a true Republic.

If a violation of their Oath is only remedied by “I didn’t know, I am sorry” or “what matter does it make now” then their ignorance was an excuse. Try telling that to the traffic cop when you didn’t see the last posted speed limit sign when he stops you for speeding and contest it in court to a Judge. You know what the judge will say.

When more than three elected officials meet to talk issues of government business without prior public notice and/or communicate amongst themselves, that’s a violation of the OMA and a Violation of Oath.

What do we good citizens do? We call for enforcement of the laws that protect us. Of course they have an excuse: it was a “public good we met like that and a service to the public.” That brings another old adage to mind: “No good deed goes unpunished.” But was it a good deed if you break the law?

Think about it folks. Do we want ignorance to prevail? Then what is the use of the OMA Law? One thing I know is that’s not how a Republic is run.


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