Fifty feet too much to give up

In reference to Mr. Curt Wilcox’s letter on April 5 titled “50 feet not too much to ask, what you say may be OK for your 13.94 acres but what would you be saying if the KPB “took 4 acres from you without paying you one cent”?

What if you owned 16,435 square feet on the Kenai River and the KPB took roughly one fourth of it (90 feet of frontage)? I can totally understand their wanting the fifty feet but why not pay for it instead of acting like thieves in the night. Why do they change the rules without notifying all waterfront owners before they do it? Just like they did last June.

They are quick to send us notices telling us to notify them prior to starting a project. Why are they having closed door meetings to rewrite the ordinance again? It is our land legally not theirs, we should have the final say. Do you know they don’t have an appeal process in place for the owners that have applied for a permit and are denied? Fifty feet is too much to give up when they just “take it.”


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