Legislature needs to meet where people can watch them

I think its about time to close the party down in Juneau and build a nice building near Anchorage and have it warm and comfy for them and have it made mostly of glass so we can keep our eye on them and when they have a major bill ready to present that pertains to the people’s oil, gas, and minerals, and our permanent fund which should be used to build our gas line and be manned by our people. The people must do it now. They can use one of those school’s giant auditourims that are hardly used and put on their show. Then you can see why we need to have a IQ test given to each one and weed the oil owned legislators out.

Many years ago I spent a winter there trying to save my gas station. I worked hard with a couple other gas station owners and we got the 220 bill passed. I found out that some of the states had a bill passed that no oil company or gas distributor could own a gas station and go into competetion with them. I asked Senator Ward to present this bill,an he laughed, I said are you saying that our legeslators are owned by the oil people and he said,absolutely for example the commissioner of the DEC is the president of one our major oil companies here in Alaska and the hallways of the Baranoff Hotel, I can still hear the echoes of laughter and the wheeling and dealing that went on til the wee hours of the night. If they could only put that effort up on the hill now that the whistle has been blown. Let’s weed the garden and get involved.


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