Better options to help homeless should be explored

In the Clarion commentary on April 11, the statement was made that Love INC would certainly benefit from the capital fund request of $1.75 million in state funds but I don’t believe that the homeless would. The later point, in the letter to the editor, done by Linda Bruce on April 15, which states that this requires further review, is very essential. Where are these people to go while renovations are made?

It is very important that people know that the Merit Inn should never have been used to allow the homeless as stated in the article. While providing shelter for the homeless is a necessity, it certainly shouldn’t be in a run down, unsafe, and uninhabitable building. What is this teaching these folks about getting into healthy and safe homes for those families with children as opposed to settling for substandard living areas such as the Merit Inn? It is much the same reason why the Spur Motel was condemned. I am sure another more inhabitable building can be obtained or a new one built for much less than the $1.75 million dollar request so, if the community can get together on this and explore some land out of the downtown area but close to stores this would be a much better resource to build on. This could be researched long before the state hands over a $1.75 to Love INC.

The Love INC program also needs to address more ways to get funds on their own or through United Way. The Love INC program needs some revamping of its own before it takes on such a extensive project. Let the churches get involved or the men’s shelter or the women’s shelter. Also a quick check how other communities in Alaska deal with this would also be a great resource to fixing this problem. Other communities don’t seem to need that kind of money or even get that kind of money to help the homeless; why should this little town front the bill from the capital fund?


Fri, 04/20/2018 - 20:25

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