Support makes prom magical, memorable

The Soldotna High School Class of 2014 wishes to thank everyone for their help and support in making SoHi’s “Venetian Masquerade” prom an enjoyable and memorable night for all who attended.

Many area businesses continue ongoing support of Soldotna High School. Pizza Boys and Ginny Smithwick, Magic Moments Photography and Sharon and Terry, Home Depot and Shane, Trustworthy Hardware and Guy Hayes, Morgan Steel and Alaska Steel all donated products to help make our prom successful. We genuinely appreciate their support.

Beth Courtney, Rob McCabe, Bill Carlson and Paul Wright took our vision and worked their magic, turning promenade and prom into an event to remember. These kind people gave countless hours to make this prom memorable. Student government members also played a huge part in prom’s success. These young people showed up and worked before and after sports and play practice until the job was done.

Thanks to a great group of junior class advisors— Jill Ramponi, Renee Merkes, Galen Brantley, Bristol Whitmore, Margaret Griffin, James Knoebel and Bill Carlson — for attending all the extra meetings as well as the other staff members who gave personal time to chaperone pre prom work sessions, prom set up, as well as prom.

The following Soldotna High School staff volunteered even though they were not Junior Class Advisors: Kay and Dean Gardner organized backstage during promenade; Stephanie Bohrnsen, Kay Gardner and Lori Marquardt sold tickets; Dan Harbison oversaw the prom entrance, Rick Matiya announced promenade; Brooke Ames, Rhonda McGrady, Olga Weissenburg, Mikala Walkden and Melissa Eby handled the coat check along with parent volunteers Stephanie Walton, Dana Hunter and Liz Dimmick. Doug Gordon and his film crew made it possible for everyone to enjoy promenade. Our administrators, Todd Syverson and Tony Graham are our biggest cheerleaders as evidenced by their support of both students and staff. They are always on call whether they’re chaperoning or attending to last minute details.

We offer special appreciation to the junior class officers and all the students on the prom committee who spent hours planning and building. You are the best!

All of these people and many more helped make this prom a success.


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