Begich vote on gun measure the correct one

It is my opinion that Senator Begich voted correctly when he voted against increased background checks for firearms. More regulations would have done nothing to stop the recent “nut jobs” and their killing sprees. They obtained their weapons illegally and then went on to commit more crimes by killing people. More laws wouldn’t have changed a thing.

I often see references to “internet sales” as if they are the wild, wild west that is totally unregulated. Not true. I have used several internet forums to sell some firearms I no longer have an interest in. The laws require that I only ship the firearm to an FFL holder. I must have a copy of that FFL before I can ship the firearm. When the FFL holder receives the firearm, he or she will then require the buyer to fill out all the required forms, including a 4473 and do a complete background check. That is how it works in the real world, in spite of the rhetoric that the liberal press constantly spews.

As far as gun shows, if the people who rail so loudly against them ever attended one they might notice that most of the items sold and traded there are not even firearms, but things like scopes, stocks, binoculars, knives, and even beef jerky. Gun shows are a great place for fellow enthusiasts to meet, and yes, sometimes even sell a firearm to another enthusiast. There are no magic hordes of crazed killers haunting the aisles looking for the latest and greatest killing machine. In fact many of the vendors at gun shows are (GASP) FFL holders who are going to require the buyer to fill out all the forms exactly as they would in the store. Yes, there might be some folks like me there also with a table selling a few hunting items and maybe a gun or two we no longer want. But reality is not what the far left would have you believe.


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