Change in blood alcohol limits will have other costs

Nobody welcomes the presence of drunk drivers on our highways. Every sane driver knows or should know the devastating consequences of getting a DUI. We have all seen the lives of people we know or love be torn apart by the consequences of a DUI. Future job choices can be totally derailed or you could never be given the chance to earn a decent living, having generational effects on families, homes, and the community at large.

This is the social economic cost to the whole community of enforcing a .05 change in the blood alcohol limits while driving. I must say it is hard to see justice served in .03 doses.

At what cost will this change affect the real problems with alcohol abuse? If you think our courts are clogged and burdened with today’s load what will a 15, 20, 25 percent increase of DUI cases cost? New courtrooms, judges or magistrates, not to mention attorney fees for even having 1 beer with that pizza at the hockey game. Yes there has to be a limit but young adults and teens can be very stupid, and this change will set into motion a very fast escalation in the number of lives wrecked through its enforcement.

We all know in our heart of hearts it is worth these costs if we can indeed have an impact on the number of lives lost due drunk drivers. So it does appear this change will happen and lives will be saved as well as changed.

Guess it’s time to really take a look at those social economic impacts, because the community as a whole will pay these cost moving forward.


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