Questions, answers on referendum effort

I’m collecting signatures for the “Vote Yes: Repeal the Giveaway” campaign. I’d like to share some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers with you and your readers:

1. Q: What are you doing?

A: I am collecting signatures to put SB 21 up for a vote (the vote will be in August, 2014). SB 21 was recently passed by the Legislature. It changed the way Alaska collects her revenue. Previously, the state’s revenue law was ACES (“Alaska’s Clear & Equitable Share”).

2. Q: How many signatures do you need?

A: The referendum process requires approximately 31,000 signatures of voters (state-wide) by early July before it can be placed on the ballot. Here on the Peninsula, we need at least 2,700 valid signatures. Some folks will be done collecting signatures by mid-June, so if you want your signature on the referendum book, it’s best not to wait ‘til the last minute.

3. Q: How many times may I sign?

A: If you are a registered voter, you may sign the referendum one time.

4. Q: Where can I sign?

A: There are signature gatherers all over the place. Some of us are on the sidewalks with signs that say “Have Your Say on the Oil Giveaway”. Others are standing outside of big public events. If you call 252-4530 or 940-5783, they will tell you where you can easily sign the petition.

5. Q: Why are you doing this?

A: I have 3 reasons for collecting signatures to put SB 21 up for a vote. Here they are:

■ It allows Alaskans to speak directly on the issue — not corporations, lobbyists, or politicians — just the People, in the privacy of the voting booth.

■ It allows Alaskans to see for themselves whether or not SB 21 is working. (Are there any indications that oil productions is actually increasing?)

■ It gives Alaskans time to read through this complicated tax law and decide if SB 21 passes muster with the citizens of this state.

6. Q: Will anyone know that I have signed this petition? Will this info be shared?

A: No. This is confidential information. Neither the state nor the campaign is allowed to share this info with any other person, corporation, agency or entity.

I hope this is clear enough. Thank you for reading through my message. God Bless!


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