Reader glad to see political activism

Thank you, Kate Veh, for your informative letter about the “Vote Yes: Repeal the Giveaway” campaign and for the work you are doing to give Alaskans the opportunity to vote on SB 21, Governor Parnell’s tax giveaway to the oil companies. To me this is true Democracy in action and not the corporate plutocracy that finagled it’s way through the Bill Allen corruption of the legislative process in 2007, followed by the unconstitutional redistricting of Alaskan Voters that led to the domination of both our governing bodies by Republicans and finally the passage of SB 21 with the questionable votes of 2 Republican oil company employees. I thank you and all the others who are working to give us the opportunity to have our say in this very important matter.

The article by Charles Babington in the Clarion below your letter points out the “GOP dilemma” that the current GOP is experiencing. I thought former Senator Bob Dole said it beautifully on this evening’s news. “Today’s GOP is not the conservative party he knew, today’s GOP is broken and they should close up shop for repairs till they get it fixed.” 

I am glad to see young people and particularly glad to see young women working hard to improve our Democracy and make a better world for all of us. I believe we need all of us working together to make those improvements.


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