More government is not the answer

When I first learned of the borough’s plan to tell me what I can and can’t do on my lake front, on Daniels Lake, I was distraught. I thought, what had us homeowners done to deserve such a punishment?


I know the fish run is way down; all you have to do is smell the air around the lake in the fall.

I thought it must be serious for them to infringe on our rights with no costs to them. But after Assemblyman Brent Johnson’s liberal speculation out North on Feb. 25, which I found infuriating, I did some research. I learned one of the reasons the salmon run is down in the Bishop Creek drainage is because Bishop Creek used to feed seven lakes. Now it feeds one. Why is this? It is because of beaver dams, not people.

I’ve spoken with beach site fishermen who have fished the Bishop Creek reds for 30-plus years. They say they’re only allowed 1/10 of 1 percent of the 10 percent they used to be able to harvest. They blame the southern district fisheries. Fish and Game owns this problem.

The lack of integrity of this borough assembly, to have members continue to mislead the public on things like land values and repeals is appalling. Even a person with a minute amount of common sense would know that if you had a lake over the hill from Daniels that had 9.9 miles of shoreline, four islands and eight coves, but didn’t have the anadromous fish rules, it would be far more desirable and valuable. People on Daniels Lake don’t fish the salmon that come into the lake.

For Bill Smith and Brent Johnson to deliberately continue to mislead the public be saying Bishop, Mud and Parsons lakes have not seen a decline in property values when ordinance 21:18 has not been disclosed on land transfers and homeowners knew nothing about it is inexcusable!

It is obvious, this borough has a swelled head and cannot see clearly. This is nothing but a power grab. Men and women have given their lives for our freedoms in this country, and you guys are taking ours way too lightly.

Leave us alone! Go baby-sit the rivers and lakes that have people flocking to them.


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