Love INC Family Hope Center to close

Love In the Name of Christ of the Kenai Peninsula would like to take this opportunity to thank Jeff Jefferson, David Schilling and Mike Schilling (DBA Crew Quarters LLC) for their generous support of the Family Hope Center project.


Since December of 2008, Love INC has provided temporary/transitional shelter for over 1,000 individuals at the Merit Inn. Approximately one-third of those were children under the age of 18. Two hundred and sixty-plus families have called the Merit Inn home while they worked to regain stability and confidence in their lives. This program has allowed families to remain intact during periods of homelessness, children in OCS custody to be reunified with their parents and provided shelter for single fathers with custody of their children. The Family Hope Center has been the only option for many experiencing homelessness on the Kenai Peninsula.

Over the past two years, Love INC has been pursuing funding for the purchase of the Merit Inn. We have worked extensively with the Foraker Group, The Alaska Mental Health Trust, Alaska Housing Finance Corp., The Alaska Community Foundation/ Bridges and United Way for five years. Our request to Alaska State Legislature this year for $1,750,000 would have allowed for the purchase of the property, removal of one building and beginning renovation of the main building. Receipt of those funds would have qualified Love INC for matching Corporate & Foundation funding. Without the support and financial commitment of the community, Love INC cannot continue to operate the Family Hope Center out of the Merit Inn. We regret that we were unable to exercise the purchase option Crew Quarters so graciously extended a year ago. Without Crew Quarters LLC, we would not have been able to touch the lives of so many in our community. Operation of The Family Hope Center at the Merit Inn location will come to an end on June 30, 2013.

Those who have called the Family Hope Center home are not the only ones who have been blessed through this experience. Hundreds of volunteers from Churches in our community as well as some from out of state have been equally blessed by serving the residents at the Family Hope Center.

Again, we say “Thank You” to Crew Quarters for helping us provide for these families. We have established there is a need and we will continue to pursue the means to provide for the homeless population on the Kenai Peninsula.

Leslie Rohr, Executive Director

Dr. Robert Thompson,
Board President

Love In the Name of Christ of the Kenai Peninsula






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