Human habitat needs some protection

It’s unfair and unhealthy. It’s inhumane.

The residents of Poppywood Street, probably the most trafficked dirt road in the area, have purposely been left without dust control; all while residents on other adjacent, less trafficked roads got relief. Why? Well, that would be nice to know if only the Borough Administration would return phone calls and communications.

Rumor has it that residents on our busy street are being neglected, not because of the normal excuses or because they didn’t pay their taxes or don’t need clean air, but because road upgrades are scheduled by fall. That’s right. Apparently the Borough’s philosophy is that when road work is scheduled to be done on a street, all dust control maintenance stops in the mean time, no matter the duration or the amount of hot, dry, and unbearable dirt residents are forced to chew as they wait.

Poppywood Street residents aren’t asking for the sky, just the same thing others got. They have been understanding, patient, and tolerant. Some have even offered to pay for the materials themselves! The worst part is, the street is only a few thousand feet long, and requires only about ten minutes of the dust control truck’s time. It was here servicing connecting streets anyway. If funding was a concern then the “Decision Makers” have their priorities upside-down: The Borough well-knows that traffic on Poppywood Street is exponentially greater than other roads they serviced in the area. In fact they were the ones, in their infinite wisdom, that opened this once quiet street up to heavy, high-speed traffic in the first place.

People, this isn’t just another rant by frustrated residents pushed too far. It’s your rant: the same rant you’re going to have when the Borough’s incompetence comes knocking on your door; the same decline in quality of life and property value that’s coming your way. So help us help yourself. Let the Borough Administration know that treating residents this neglectful is inexcusable and inhumane. Tell them you expect them to put at least as much effort into human habitat as they are salmon habitat. We could use the fresh air, if even for a moment.


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