Answer on term limits is still no

On July 2nd the Assembly will be considering term limits — again.


Assemblyman Hal Smalley has introduced Ordinance 2013-20 in the Assembly to overturn term limits. His timing is interesting. In October 2014, Mr. Smalley is “termed out” and cannot run again under the current rules. And, the Assembly is taking up this issue at the only meeting in July, and in the middle of the 4th of July extended weekend. This will help ensure the public will likely not be paying attention. Additionally, it would be better if Mr. Smalley’s proposed ordinance apply only to future elected Assembly members. This would avoid the appearance of him being self-motivated to avoid being “termed out.”

The voters of the Kenai Peninsula Borough have voted for term limits three separate times. Nothing significant has changed with the exception that some Assembly members are “terming out.” They just can’t continue to be Assembly members under the current rules. This is no reason to defy the will of the people. If the Assembly believes term limits should be set aside, it would be more respectful to Kenai Peninsula voters to place it on the ballot so that the voters can decide if they have had a change of heart.

What part of no does Mr. Smalley and the Assembly not understand?



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