The Zimmerman trial from an electric lift chair

After surgery a year ago, my life has been learning to walk again and watching television. The two people involved have been greatly misrepresented. I have to think that Zimmerman had a job from someone to act as a security guard in this wealthy neighborhood and held a permit to carry a weapon. The misrepresentation of the other one as a unqualified high school linebacker in their football program, suggests to me that something is wrong. I have been in sports all my life and in high school as a baseball player, I did not know any 17-year-old players who could not take care of themselves and in football had been taught many tricky moves.

My thoughts tell me that Martin Waylaid Zimmerman and all it took was one poke to the nose to knock him temporarily helpless. In self defense, all he could do is use the protection he had available.

Being born in the bottom of the Big Depression, I well remember the Reverend King, hearing him speak many times as my parents were very strong religious people. The only thing that I am hearing from the (Reverend’s) of today is teaching violence across the country, hatred and destruction of property. This is not what I was taught from the King James Version of the Bible.

One thing I highly dislike is the lawyers fabrication of stories and asking the same question over and over, in different ways to confuse every one. Way back when I was young, there weren`t lawyers running the government and country.


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