New field will be hard to protect

The new multimillion dollar football field and track at the high school brings back wonderful memories of my high school years of sports. These type of facilities were nowhere available in those days. No football, just baseball and basketball at our small country town. Our ball field was maintained mostly by the players, lining, raking and putting out the bases. Our team had no transportation fund; our juniors’ and seniors’ parents provided their cars for rides to and from games. We were all farm boys who were used to working anyway. Two of us made the team as freshmen and our high school team went to the state tournament in my junior year.

It will be impossible to protect that field from people who run around with a phone glued to their head, they can’t think about minor things like they might be damaging something. And this expensive field may only last 15 years? In the days that lots of people did not have home phones and if you wanted to use one, you had to go to the phone office and use one there. Some how we survived .

It amazes me the number of people walking, riding a bicycle and most of all driving a car who cannot go a few minutes without talking to someone.


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