Fish and Game needs to maintain natural salmon ratios

Hatching up millions of sockeye salmon and dumping them into the ocean may seem like a good idea but has anyone really sat down and figured out what all those extra mouths are suppose to eat? Our ADF&G projected 6 -7 million sockeye returning to Cook Inlet this year with a commercial gill net harvest of 4.9 million. Has anyone even asked how many sockeye nature would normally have run in Upper Cook Inlet this year without the help of the ADF&G? A whole lot of these sockeye are returning because our ADF&G hatched those sockeye eggs out and dumped them into the ocean. Has anyone calculated just what all those extra mouths are supposed to eat? Some may say that it does not matter but I have news for you, those sockeyes eat the same things our jack kings are trying to eat. Both sockeyes and jack kings feed largely on crab larvae, only the sockeyes eat them when they are a quarter inch long and jack kings eat them after they are about a half inch long. All these extra sockeye are consuming most of our crab larvae before it can reach the half inch stage where a jack king can locate it. Our scientists are now telling us that 98 percent of our half inch or larger crab larvae have gone missing in the ocean. This should alarm even the non-fishing public to no end but do you hear anything about it?

If a king does manage to survive the above (state ADF&G starvation package), they can then attempt to dodge the federal trawlers by-catch package as the trawlers will kill and dump 4 kings for each ton of pollock. All the extra ADF&G sockeyes will then cause lots of extra commercial gill netting time, so if a jack king does somehow not starve to death, it will either be trawler by-catch or be caught in a gill net eventually. Gee I wonder why we aren’t seeing very many kings?

This is a triple barrel wipeout effect; if a king isn’t killed by (ADF&G sockeye over stocking), it gets killed by the trawlers, if it somehow manages to dodge both of those killers the extra sockeyes force extra heavy gill netting, which basically kills off any escaping kings thus leaving nothing to enter the rivers to spawn. The ADF&G needs to be forced to stop selective stock enhancements. If they want to enhance Cook Inlet they should be forced to enhance at the natural stock ratios. It is absolute insanity to be stocking our waters at artificial stock ratios. This is upsetting our natural stock ratio balance and therefore harming our king salmon. The ADF&G needs to stop selective enhancements and stock only to natural stock ratios.


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