Signs point to world changes

We here in Alaska sometimes forget that what happens in the outside world does affect us as we go about our secheduled lives, the local and state news of course does not help in this area either as they tend to focus mainly on local or state news and skip over world news.


Allow me to point out some world news in the form of America has decided to attack the nation of Syria with in the next week, ships and manpower are in place. Why? Because someone used chemical weapons in Syria and killed hundreds of innocent people. Was it the Syrian government or the rebels fighting in this religious war between different branches of Islam? No one really knows, but the USA is blaming the Syrian government and is about to attack.

We may think this has no effect on us here, but it will cause the entire world to be thrust into WWIII and it’s all right on schedule and all players are being made ready. The whole universe is constantly changing and everything is right on schedule, as the reader board at SBS on the Sterling Highway states.

I wish our local and state news would warn us of what’s coming like this reader board does, but they don’t. The Bible warns that world war is coming when the nation of Israel is regathered from all the world and that the destruction of Damascus, Syria might be the catalyst that starts it all. Psalm 83 talks of last days war with Israel and all her Arab, Muslim neighbors. Isaiah 17 talks of the overnight destruction of Damascus and it never being inhabitable again, something which has never happened in history. Ezekiel 38-39 talks of Russia and their Muslim allies attacking Israel in the last days which results in their total destruction on the mountains of Israel.

It does appear that the entire world is changing and it’s all right on schedule with Gods promises to the world and his chosen people Israel after they return to their land coming true with every news cast from the middle east.

The Jewish fall feasts will start on Sept. 4 with the Jewish New Year, Feast of Trumpets, then Yom Kippur and the Feast of Tabernacles. Will we once again see Israel’s enemies attack on their Holy Days as history past shows? Time always reveals the Truth and Gods word is Truth. Are you informed and ready for what’s about to happen? I hope you get ready soon and our local news helps you do so by printing this letter and then by your reading what was warned would come for the end of days for this dispensation of time. Not the end of the world, just this period of time and start of a new era for mankind.

We are not immune.


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