Mine would set bad precedent

I learned about the law suit against DNR and HB77 and am saddened by it all.

I began my Alaskan odyssey at age seventeen in 1973 and fell in love with The Last Frontier. During and after he Exxon Valdez Oil Spill the true fragility of all “this” became painfully apparent. The promises made about safeguards were wrong. I awoke to the fact of an ongoing pattern of neglect of the natural resources. It became very clear that regulators will say anything, and in reality can do nothing to restore the environment. I have no faith in the government to regulate our resources.

There is great value in wild salmon runs. If you catch a salmon and eat it I call that harvesting, if you eliminate the spawning stream of that salmon I call that murder. A paycheck is important, but a sustainable economy is more important. A salmon run represents sustainability. The Chuitna Coal Strip Mine in Upper Cook Inlet; and the horrible precedent it would set needs to be stopped. If they mine through a salmon stream here they will do it anywhere. There is no place on earth where the elimination of a wild salmon run can be justified as just the cost of business.


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