Government must practice principles it preaches

According to Attorney General Eric Holder, mass shooting incidents have tripled in recent years. The people are horrified. Some blame guns. Others talk about bullying in schools/workplaces. Still others believe it’s always some “nut case.”


I have researched bullying at all levels in our culture. Government instructs our children to talk things out, violence is not the answer. Government instructs our children bullying will not be tolerated. Government instructs our children do as I say, not as I do.

Politicians, with the blessing of the people, accept the bullying behavior from our government. According to Human Rights groups, the USA drone strikes have killed 400 civilians in Pakistan over the past 10 years. The stories are just as horrific as any mass shooting in the U.S. Amnesty International believes the civilian killings in Pakistan may amount to “war crimes.”

What is our government’s response — “justified killings, we must get even.” What would be the response from people who do mass shootings — “justified killings, I must get even.”

The nation continues to spend more than it takes in. It will significantly change our standard of living. Politicians talk about decreasing benefits received by the people, austerity. We spend millions perhaps billions of dollars on drone strikes often killing innocents. Has any major political party talked about our deficit spending in relationship to our military ventures? Has any politician talk about our bullying behavior around the world? People who believe guns are the problem will not acknowledge our government’s behavior. Many of us see the tyrannical use of bullying tactics. We respond with stockpiling weapons and ammunition. Not in an attempt to get even but to protect our Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Perhaps the people should come together and unite in an effort to balance the budget and cause our government to behave as they tell our children to do. To have government practice what they preach.


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