Some words for Congress

An Open Letter to Speaker of the House, John Boehner:

I am one of the ordinary voters who live in Alaska. I pay income tax and have for a great number of years. I retired a year and a half ago at 76 years of age. For the past several years my tax share has been 25 percent of my net income. My gross income was less than one third of yours at its highest.

I appreciate your sticking to your moral convictions, but I do not feel that you should do it with my money and that of other taxpaying citizens. Under your directions the House or Representatives has not delivered a single bill that is of benefit to me or other taxpaying citizens. Under your directions the House of Representatives has voted unsuccessfully to undo a law that I consider necessary for the benefit of the citizens of this country and one that represents a move toward moral equity. I repeat — not a single bill representing me as an individual citizen has been passed.

Now, you have spent considerable time costing me more in taxes by bringing about the closure of the government and incurring enormous expenses that do not benefit me or any other citizens. In addition to this you are costing me and other taxpayers the salaries and benefits of all the other members of the House of Representatives and their staffs who were hired to do the country’s business. Little of the country’s important business has been done. Because of this egregious behavior, you are going to need to increase my taxes, but probably not your own. I perceive these actions as a form of undefined theft.

I take further issue to your taking direction from the Heritage Foundation and influencing your constituents to readjust their votes to accommodate this entity. This Foundation has not been authorized by a referendum of the voting public. Why are they able to tell you what to do? More importantly, why can you not make your own decisions? You have been elected by the people to represent them!


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